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Jinan Shanghanda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a R&D and production enterprise specializing in large, medium and small sawdust machines, comprehensive crushers, pulverizers, pellet forming machines and supporting production lines, specializing in pellet services. Located in Mingshui City, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. It is close to Jiqing Expressway and Mingshui Station of Jiaoji Railway.

All products of the company have passed product quality inspection and passed CE certification. Since its establishment in 2002, its products have been exported to the whole country and New Zealand, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Uganda, Uruguay, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia and other countries. The company's existing plant area is 80,000 square meters, with more than 40 sets of processing equipment, assembly machinery and transportation equipment.

The company has passed ISO9001 and SGS certification, with a registered capital of 26 million. The company has more than 300 employees, including 6 engineers, more than 40 technicians and 6 senior technicians. All kinds of personnel are fully equipped. Using CAD computer-aided design and drawing, the quality assurance system has been established and improved, and the system management and one-stop service from production, quality inspection, sales, and product after-sales service have been formed.

The company produces more than 50 specifications of biomass processing machinery in three factories at the same time. It is the largest manufacturer of biomass crushing and molding equipment in China, with professional R&D and production capabilities.


D group and after-sales group escort equipment. In addition to the production of various specifications series products, the company also undertakes various non-standard production. Through the development of advanced equipment and after-sales service, the company has continuously improved the quality and service level of old customers, and has achieved the development level of advanced products and services by introducing advanced talents from all walks of life in China.

Jinan Shanghangda will provide you with high-quality service, reliable quality and reasonable price.