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Steps to follow to dismantle a wood pellet machine
Article source: this siteViews:1737release date:2022-08-24

When you use the wood pellet machine, it is inevitable that you will encounter various failures, which requires us to disassemble the wood pellet machine for maintenance. It is not so simple to disassemble these wood pellet machines, because if you do not follow the steps to disassemble, say It may not be installed well when it is installed, so when we disassemble the wood pellet machine, we must follow the correct steps to disassemble it. Next, please ask the Changzhou wood pellet machine manufacturer to tell us the precautions for disassembling the wood pellet machine. Bar.

The first step is to prepare for the assembly when disassembling the straw scale pellet machine. In order to improve the assembly efficiency and ensure the correctness of the assembly, attention should be paid to check and mark when disassembling.

In the second step, the surface dirt and oil should be removed before disassembly, and it should be kept clean during disassembly.

The third step is to disassemble as needed, try to disassemble as little as possible, and do not disassemble if it is not allowed to disassemble.

The fourth step is to use suitable tools when disassembling the crop straw scale pellet machine. The manufacturer of the sawdust pellet machine reminds you not to knock hard to avoid damage or deformation of the parts.

The fifth step is to disassemble the crop straw scale pellet machine in a reasonable order. Generally, from the accessories to the main parts, from the outside to the inside, the whole machine is first disassembled into an assembly, and then the assembly is disassembled into components. Disassemble into parts.

The sixth step, when disassembling the crop dry scale pellet machine, the instructions must be followed, and must not be disassembled indiscriminately, resulting in various failures of the crop straw pellet machine machinery.

Above we have introduced the detailed steps for dismantling these wood pellet machines. I believe that everyone has understood how to disassemble these wood pellet machines. There are many wood pellet machine manufacturers around us. When purchasing a wood pellet machine, you must go to Professional wood pellet machine manufacturers come here to buy, so as to ensure the quality of the wood pellet machine, and in the process of our use, we can better improve the production quality of the wood pellet machine.


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