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Biomass pellet fuel solves the problem of clean heating in winter
Article source: this siteViews:396release date:2022-08-23

Biomass fuel is a modern clean fuel produced by using biomass pellet machine physical extrusion treatment process with various crop straws, sawdust, sawdust, peanut shells, corncob, straw, wheat straw, wheat bran, branches and leaves, licorice and other raw materials. It can not only meet the demand for combustion heating, but also provide great assistance for the transformation of the modern energy structure, and the biomass fuel combustion emissions fully meet the environmental protection standards. Fuel solves the problem of clean heating in winter.

Since the traditional winter heating in the north generally adopts the method of burning coal, in order to improve the modern environmental conditions, the heating method is going to develop and improve in a clean and low-carbon aspect. The emergence of biomass fuel provides an important solution for this.

Combining biomass fuel with a new type of biomass combustion furnace, biomass fuel produces high heat and consumes less energy, which greatly reduces the use of coal resources while meeting the heating demand. The special furnace structure of the biomass combustion furnace can improve the combustion utilization rate of the fuel and complete the secondary combustion of the gas without producing polluting gas.

When the traditional heating stove is used in winter, the airtightness of the indoor environment is strong in order to reduce the loss of heat. Once the coal is not completely burned or the exhaust system is not smooth, the toxic gas will affect the safety of users. The combustion of biomass fuel does not produce polluting or toxic gases, which eliminates potential safety hazards.

Nowadays, the research and use of biomass energy has gained a high degree of attention, and the scope of use of biomass fuel is also expanding. In order to ensure the economic benefits of users, we will also continue to improve the production technology of biomass pellet machines, and make contributions to the environmental protection and energy saving industry.

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