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Hebei biomass pellet machine users beware of scams
Article source: this siteViews:167release date:2022-08-22

The scam of Hebei biomass pellet machine does exist, which is really bad news, but please don't give up and watch it patiently.

Typical particle machine scams are as follows:

1. Technology transfer. To be honest, there is no technical content in this line, it is simple physical suppression, and it requires advanced technology.

2. The investment is simple and profitable. To tell the truth, it is really not easy to invest in pellets to make money. There is no job in the world that can make money easily.

3. Device scams. The equipment is unstable, and it takes two days to repair it in one day, and the profitable business is also lost.


There is good news, there are many factories making biomass pellets to make money. Now let's talk about investing in Hebei biomass pellet machine, you should look carefully and distinguish carefully

1. Sales market. The biomass pellet fuel market is very good, but the straw pellet market is not good. You can buy 1,000 ton of wood pellets, and there is still a shortage of corn stalk fuel pellets for 700 ton. No one wants it. Because the calorific value of the straw is low, it is still coke and is not easy to burn.

2. Raw material market. The biggest problem with straw is the seasonality and dispersion. The straw in the field seems to be expensive, but the collection, transportation and storage require costs, which are not cheap.

3. Equipment investment. The investment is large, because the raw material requirements for granulation are that the moisture content is below 20% and the size is below 6mm. Therefore, raw materials need to be crushed, pulverized, dried, sieved, granulated, cooled and packaged to make fuel particles. If you don't feel it, you can see it by comparison. Rice husks and sawdust simply need only the pelleting part. Straw and wood need a complete production line. How big is the difference? It's money. If the investment in straw is small, it will not come down to 200,000 yuan, but the 100,000 yuan of rice husks can be done.

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