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Commercial Airda held a live video conference with Indonesian customers on production line issues
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Jinan Shanghangda Co., Ltd. discussed the preliminary design of the production line plan and raw materials with Indonesian customers in the form of video conference. During the epidemic, foreign customers cannot visit our company in person, and cannot communicate directly face-to-face. In order to communicate with customers more conveniently and let customers have a face-to-face communication experience, our company has installed mobile smart conference panels in all meeting rooms of the company. Solved the problem that domestic and foreign customers could not visit the company due to force majeure factors, better communicate with customers and understand their needs.

On the morning of August 3, 2022, the communication meeting between Jinan Shanghangda Machinery Co., Ltd. and Indonesian customers on the plan of rubber wood pellet production line was held in the conference room of the sales department of Shanghangda Company. This meeting is divided into three parts. The first part is in the form of live video. Our foreign trade colleagues will lead customers to visit the factory, and the live broadcast personnel will cooperate with the sales person in the meeting room to explain to customers. The second part shows our company introduction video for customers after the live broadcast of the factory inspection, the introduction video of the advantages of each host equipment, and the successful cases of customers in various countries. The third part is to answer questions for customers, provide customers with preliminary design solutions according to customer raw material conditions and production requirements, and solve customer needs.

After initial communication with the customer, we designed the initial plan for the rubber wood pellet production line with an output of 7-8 tons per hour. The main equipment in this production line includes wood chipper - high-efficiency pulverizer - tumble dryer - biomass pellets In addition to the host equipment, it also includes conveying equipment, dust removal equipment, hydraulic storage bins and buffer bins to be granulated in the production line.

Through the patient and professional answers of our sales staff, the customer is very satisfied with the results of this video conference. The customer has reached a preliminary cooperation intention with our company, and has agreed on a detailed discussion time for the next meeting, hoping to further cooperate and communicate with the customer.

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