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Fire destroys a hardwood pellet factory in the US
Article source: this siteViews:319release date:2022-08-18

In the United States, a fire broke out at Corinth Wood Pellets LLC in Corinth, Maine, destroying the production floor of a 75,000-ton-per-year hardwood pellet plant.

According to local media reports, the fire, which broke out in the late afternoon of September 19, may have been caused by overheating of a pellet cooler at the plant.

The fire wreaked havoc on the main sawdust processing area, causing parts of the walls and ceiling to collapse. However, firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to the company's main offices and warehouses.

Several fire departments managed to bring the fire under control, and finally put out the fire that burned down the workshop. Other than smoke inhalation and fainting from heat stroke, no one was injured in the effort to contain the blaze.

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