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Why Rice Husk Pelletizers are Popular in Vietnam
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Recently, biomass pellets have gained a lot of appreciation in Vietnam, the export demand in Vietnam is very high, and ring die pellet mills are becoming more and more popular among wood pellet suppliers in Vietnam.

Over the past decade, rapid industrialization and economic development have led to rapid growth in fossil energy consumption in Vietnam. To avoid energy barriers and protect the environment, the Vietnamese government has formulated several policies to increase the share of renewable energy in commercial primary energy. Despite the obstacles of purchasing electricity, high equipment investment and technical know-how, after a series of collaborations with the Netherlands, biofuel pellets have grown tremendously and blossomed. Bio-combustion pellets are renewable energy sources and do not pollute the environment. Vietnamese businessmen need to seize business opportunities, and the demand for pellet machines has also greatly increased

Vietnam complete set of pellet production line

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Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice in the world. The peeled off rice husks can be directly used for rice husk pellets. According to the survey, rice husk is the most suitable bio-granular raw material in Vietnam, and the raw material is abundant. And the operation is relatively simple. After simple treatment, the rice husk can be sent to the rice husk granulator. Rice husks have been utilized on a large scale in Vietnam with the production of large quantities of rice. Of course, biological granulators are generally accepted by rice husk granulators, like

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