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how does a wood pellet machine work
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The customized plan of the wood pellet machine is to configure different specifications according to customer requirements and raw materials, so as to achieve the continuous stability of the pellets. According to the actual production problems, we can customize more stable raw materials to design the plan, so as to achieve precise equipment, reasonable layout and comfortable production. The customization requirements of the customized plan of biomass wood pellet machine are as follows:

①Increase the gear torque, increase the gear load factor, and increase the gear box.

② Change the connection method between the motor and the gearbox.

③ Customize the cooling method of the gearbox and bearing chamber.

④Customize the working chamber material of biomass pellet machine.

⑤ Customize the material of the abrasive tool and the coating of the pressure roller.

Working principle of wood pellet machine: When working, the material falls vertically on the main shaft frame plate from the feeding port, and the material is evenly distributed around the mold through the rotation of the frame plate, and the biomass material passes through the customized round hole of the mold under the rolling of the pressing roller. , Under the strong extrusion of the pressure roller, the biomass material produces physical changes, which promotes the adhesion of the biomass material and forms continuously elongated cylindrical solid particles, which are continuously elongated until they are cut by the cutter installed on the independent slewing bearing. , reach the required length size, and then scrape it to the discharge port through the scraper mounted on the slewing bearing. At this point, the compression process of the granules is completed.

Main features of wood pellet machine: vertical feeding, the material falls directly into the pressing bin of the straw feed pellet machine, and the in-line feeding method avoids material jamming; the mold is stationary, the pressing roller rotates, the material falls on the main shaft, and the main shaft rotates Separating the material, destroying its clumping properties, the material enters the working cavity evenly; the two-layer design of the mold increases the service life, and after the first layer is worn out, it can be used upside down to save costs; the ring-shaped mold, vertical structure, is conducive to heat dissipation and cooling in the granulation chamber. It is accompanied by a dust removal fan to drive air flow; independent discharge device, the main shaft does not interfere with the discharge system to ensure the forming rate of particles; fully automatic oiling system, the bearing chamber and gear box are automatically lubricated by the oil pump, for the rotating pressure roller, rotating Dial and can automatically adjust the refueling time.


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