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 Biomass Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer Dryer for Wood Chips/Drum Rotary Dryer

Drying is one of the important  unit operations  in process  industries and a number of  different types of  dryers ( Use  consistent spellings,  dryer vs. drier) are  available commercially  which basically vary in  the mode  of contact between the drying material and the  drying medium.   

Sawdust is a commomly used material for the production of wood pellets, Currently , the wet sawdust used for pellet production contains about 30%-55% water on wet basis.

For  Production pellets, the raw material need to be dried to 8%-15% for the pelleting process.

Variour types of dryers such as gas fuel dryer, steam dryer, and rotary dryers have been used for sawdust.

Green wood chips also contains about 50-60% moisuture content. High moisutre content in the raw  material will obviously increase the drying cost of the material.

So the dryer is an indispensable equipment in biomass pellet plant,especially for wood and sawdust that have a high moisture level. 


How does the Dryer for Wood Chips/Drum Dryer work?

The rotary dryer consists of feeding system, main body, Ducting System and Collector System. It need match stove oir hand stove.

Smoke and air with high temperature produced by the stove are the heat source medium.

When material enters the drum through the feeder, heat exchange between material and the hot air begins.

Material will move along the bent plat on the wall of the drum by the effect of rolling and introduced air, which is called the concurrent flow drying technology.

Performance Feature

1.simple structure; 2 polishing produdtion; 3.high capacity; 4.low energy-consumption.


Support customer customization!


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