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SHD 560 wood pellet machine

1.Discription of wood pellet machinery:

The pellets mill is applied to the material with low adhesiveness and low shaping such as the rice husk, sunflower seed husk, peanut shell and other fruit shell branch, trunk, bark, crop straws, rubber, cement ,ash and other chemical materials. The pellet mill is widely used in the feed plant, wood processing, fuel plant, fertilizer plant and chemical plant etc. It is the ideal pressing shaping equipment with low investment and high profit. SHDwood pellet mill has been successufully applied to the wood pellets production from pinus sylvestris sawdust and other wood scraps/chips/sawdust


How to make wood pellets by wood pellet machinery:

1. Use Wood Chipper, Wood Crusher to make wood logs, chips (or other materials) smaller.
2. Use Dryer (rotary drum dryer / Air-flow dryer) or add water to the sawdust(or other materials) till its moisture content between 12-15%, which is the best moisture content for pelletizing.
3. Put the sawdust into the pellet machine gradually. Large scale pellet production need a screw feeder to make sure stable feeding of raw material.
4. After pelletized, the pellets are of high temperature that is not suitable for direct packing. So they should be cooled by pellet cooler. Then, pellets go through a vibrating sieve, where good pellets will be left, while broken ones or powder will be collected for reproduction.
5. After all the above procedures, pellets can be packed with a pellet packing machine.

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Wood Pellet Machine Specifications:


Output pellet:

output pellet.jpg

Packing & Delivery:

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Q1: How about the documents after shipment?

After shipment, we wi ll send all original documents to you by DHL, including Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, B / L, and other certificates as required by customers.

Q2: How long is the delivery time?

For standard machines, that would be 25-30 working days; For non-standard machines and customized machines according to customers' specific requirements, it would be about 30 working days.

we work with the biggest freight forwarder in North China. if you need to appoint other freight measures, we can arrange them because we have rich experience and sufficient funds to handle.

Q3: Are you manufacturer of trading company?
A: We are manufacturer, also with marketing department and R&D center.

Q4: I am newer to biomass industry, how to design the suitable plant?
A: Do not worry about that. We already helped many beginners. We provide optimal project design according to every customer’s needs.

Q5: Do you offer installation and training?
A: Yes. We can dispatch technicians to customers’ site to help install equipment and train how to operate.

Q6: Which kinds of raw material can be used for making pellets?
A:Sawdust (waste wood chips/shavings), other forest waste, agricultural straw, stalk, ,bamboo, peanut shells, rice husk, bagasse, alfalfa, palm fiber etc.
Q7: What is the main process for making pellets?
A: Coarse Crushing Section(Splitter, Wood Chipper)—Drying Section—Crushing Section—Pelletizing Section—Cooling Section—Packing Sectio